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I just bought an Alpha. Now what?

Next week I'll take delivery of an AlphaStation 200 4/233.  I don't
really know what to expect.  I already ordered an extra 64MB of memory
for it (I hope two true-parity 8x36-60's will work.)  I have a pair of
IBM fast/wide SCSI drives sitting around, and I'm hoping those will fit
in the box, along with a Plextor 12Plex.  I have an Adaptec 3940W for
the wide SCSI drives.

Any chance I'll get all this to work together?  :)

I've read all of the material I can find on AlphaLinux.

Are the Debian/Alpha boot disks enough to bootstrap a system, or do I
need to begin with RedHat or BLADE?  Is it possible to install via NFS?

Once I get everything running, I wouldn't mind testing or helping with
the porting effort as time allows.

Thanks in advance for any tips,


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