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Oops with isofs on Alpha

Whenever I try to mount an ISO9660 filesystem I get an oops.  If I
remember correctly I've also tried to compile a non-modular 2.1 kernel,
with the same problem.
The output below is from Linux 2.1.112, running on an Alpha XLT-366.
Ksymoops doesn't seem to work for Alpha, so I had to find the addresses by
hand.  I hope I didn't make any mistakes.

Vfat doesn't seem to work on the 2.1 kernels/Alpha either, but that
doesn't give an oops.  It just seems to go to sleep forever.  (The
mount-process, not the kernel.)

Screen output:

root@bach:~# modprobe isofs
root@bach:~# mount /mnt/cdrom/
Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi1, channel 0, id 3, lun 0
Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address fffffe000001bb08
mount(1205): Oops 0
pc = [<fffffe000000ea9c>]  ra = [<fffffe000000f29c>]  ps = 0000
r0 = fffffc000046d6d8  r1 = 000000000000016d  r2 = 0000000000010061
r3 = ffffffffffff006e  r4 = 0000000000007961  r5 = 0000000000797961
r6 = 000000006e797961  r7 = ffffffffffff736e  r8 = fffffc000315c000
r9 = fffffc000213e000  r10= fffffc000046d6d8  r11= fffffc000315fd38
r12= 0000000000000000  r13= 0000000000000000  r14= 0000000000000000
r15= 0000000000000000
r16= fffffc000213e000  r17= fffffc000315fd38  r18= 0000000000000000
r19= 0000000000000000  r20= ffffffffd505a673  r21= 0000000000000001
r22= 0000000000016900  r23= 0000000000204080  r24= c200000000000000
r25= 000001df471b6800  r27= fffffe000000f1e8  r28= fffffc0000439f20
gp = fffffe000001bb08  sp = fffffc000315fcc8
Code: 46dff116  b2cb0020  e6000196 <a63d0000> c3e0018e  47ff041f  47ff041f  47ff041f  47ff041f
Trace: [<fffffc0000343df0>] [<fffffc0000343db4>] [<fffffc0000344644>] [<fffffc0000344cf4>] [<fffffc0000310ba8>]
Segmentation fault

Trace output:

Mapping the addresses from the trace output to functions gives:


if I calculated those correctly...

Parts of System.map used for mapping addresses to functions:


fffffc0000310ae8 T alpha_switch_to
fffffc0000310b00 T entSys
fffffc0000310bc0 T ret_from_sys_call


fffffc0000343c50 t get_empty_super
fffffc0000343d00 t read_super
fffffc0000343e78 T get_unnamed_dev
fffffc0000343ef8 T put_unnamed_dev
fffffc0000343f88 t d_umount
fffffc0000344020 t d_mount
fffffc0000344078 t do_umount
fffffc0000344268 t umount_dev
fffffc00003443b8 T sys_umount
fffffc00003444d8 T fs_may_mount
fffffc0000344528 T do_mount
fffffc0000344708 t do_remount_sb
fffffc0000344820 t do_remount
fffffc0000344908 t copy_mount_options
fffffc0000344a60 T sys_mount
fffffc0000344da0 T block_write


fffffc000047dc7c A _end

Assembly listing of read_super:

0000000000001040 <read_super> 	27bb0000  ldah       gp,0(t12)
0000000000001044 <read_super+4> 	23bd0000  lda        gp,0(gp)
0000000000001048 <read_super+8> 	23deffc0  lda        sp,-64(sp)
000000000000104c <read_super+c> 	b75e0000  stq        ra,0(sp)
0000000000001050 <read_super+10> 	b53e0008  stq        s0,8(sp)
0000000000001054 <read_super+14> 	b55e0010  stq        s1,16(sp)
0000000000001058 <read_super+18> 	b57e0018  stq        s2,24(sp)
000000000000105c <read_super+1c> 	b59e0020  stq        s3,32(sp)
0000000000001060 <read_super+20> 	b5be0028  stq        s4,40(sp)
0000000000001064 <read_super+24> 	b5de0030  stq        s5,48(sp)
0000000000001068 <read_super+28> 	b5fe0038  stq        fp,56(sp)
000000000000106c <read_super+2c> 	4610040a  mov        a0,s1
0000000000001070 <read_super+30> 	4631040c  mov        a1,s3
0000000000001074 <read_super+34> 	4652040d  mov        a2,s4
0000000000001078 <read_super+38> 	4673040e  mov        a3,s5
000000000000107c <read_super+3c> 	4694040f  mov        a4,fp
0000000000001080 <read_super+40> 	e540003e  beq        s1,000000000000117c <read_super+13c>
0000000000001084 <read_super+44> 	a77d0000  ldq        t12,0(gp)
0000000000001088 <read_super+48> 	6b5b4000  jsr        ra,(t12),000000000000108c <read_super+4c>
000000000000108c <read_super+4c> 	27ba0000  ldah       gp,0(ra)
0000000000001090 <read_super+50> 	23bd0000  lda        gp,0(gp)
0000000000001094 <read_super+54> 	454a0410  mov        s1,a0
0000000000001098 <read_super+58> 	d35fff59  bsr        ra,0000000000000e00 <get_super+8>
000000000000109c <read_super+5c> 	44000409  mov        v0,s0
00000000000010a0 <read_super+60> 	f520002e  bne        s0,000000000000115c <read_super+11c>
00000000000010a4 <read_super+64> 	458c0410  mov        s3,a0
00000000000010a8 <read_super+68> 	d35ffe99  bsr        ra,0000000000000b10 <get_fs_type+8>
00000000000010ac <read_super+6c> 	4400040b  mov        v0,s2
00000000000010b0 <read_super+70> 	f560000f  bne        s2,00000000000010f0 <read_super+b0>
00000000000010b4 <read_super+74> 	454a0410  mov        s1,a0
00000000000010b8 <read_super+78> 	a77d0000  ldq        t12,0(gp)
00000000000010bc <read_super+7c> 	6b5b4000  jsr        ra,(t12),00000000000010c0 <read_super+80>
00000000000010c0 <read_super+80> 	27ba0000  ldah       gp,0(ra)
00000000000010c4 <read_super+84> 	23bd0000  lda        gp,0(gp)
00000000000010c8 <read_super+88> 	a61d0000  ldq        a0,0(gp)
00000000000010cc <read_super+8c> 	44000411  mov        v0,a1
00000000000010d0 <read_super+90> 	458c0412  mov        s3,a2
00000000000010d4 <read_super+94> 	a77d0000  ldq        t12,0(gp)
00000000000010d8 <read_super+98> 	6b5b4000  jsr        ra,(t12),00000000000010dc <read_super+9c>
00000000000010dc <read_super+9c> 	27ba0000  ldah       gp,0(ra)
00000000000010e0 <read_super+a0> 	23bd0000  lda        gp,0(gp)
00000000000010e4 <read_super+a4> 	c3e0001d  br         000000000000115c <read_super+11c>
00000000000010e8 <read_super+a8> 	47ff041f  nop        
00000000000010ec <read_super+ac> 	47ff041f  nop        
00000000000010f0 <read_super+b0> 	d35fffa9  bsr        ra,0000000000000f98 <get_empty_super+8>
00000000000010f4 <read_super+b4> 	44000409  mov        v0,s0
00000000000010f8 <read_super+b8> 	e5200018  beq        s0,000000000000115c <read_super+11c>
00000000000010fc <read_super+bc> 	a0290000  ldl        t0,0(s0)
0000000000001100 <read_super+c0> 	a0490010  ldl        t1,16(s0)
0000000000001104 <read_super+c4> 	b5a90030  stq        s4,48(s0)
0000000000001108 <read_super+c8> 	45290410  mov        s0,a0
000000000000110c <read_super+cc> 	45ce0411  mov        s5,a1
0000000000001110 <read_super+d0> 	483f9621  zapnot     t0,0xfc,t0
0000000000001114 <read_super+d4> 	45410401  or         s1,t0,t0
0000000000001118 <read_super+d8> 	b0290000  stl        t0,0(s0)
000000000000111c <read_super+dc> 	485ef622  zapnot     t1,0xf7,t1
0000000000001120 <read_super+e0> 	b0490010  stl        t1,16(s0)
0000000000001124 <read_super+e4> 	a76b0010  ldq        t12,16(s2)
0000000000001128 <read_super+e8> 	45ef0412  mov        fp,a2
000000000000112c <read_super+ec> 	6b5b4000  jsr        ra,(t12),0000000000001130 <read_super+f0>
0000000000001130 <read_super+f0> 	27ba0000  ldah       gp,0(ra)
0000000000001134 <read_super+f4> 	23bd0000  lda        gp,0(gp)
0000000000001138 <read_super+f8> 	e400000d  beq        v0,0000000000001170 <read_super+130>
000000000000113c <read_super+fc> 	a0290000  ldl        t0,0(s0)
0000000000001140 <read_super+100> 	a0490010  ldl        t1,16(s0)
0000000000001144 <read_super+104> 	b5690018  stq        s2,24(s0)
0000000000001148 <read_super+108> 	483f9621  zapnot     t0,0xfc,t0
000000000000114c <read_super+10c> 	45410401  or         s1,t0,t0
0000000000001150 <read_super+110> 	b0290000  stl        t0,0(s0)
0000000000001154 <read_super+114> 	485f7622  zapnot     t1,0xfb,t1
0000000000001158 <read_super+118> 	b0490010  stl        t1,16(s0)
000000000000115c <read_super+11c> 	45290400  mov        s0,v0
0000000000001160 <read_super+120> 	c3e0000b  br         0000000000001190 <read_super+150>
0000000000001164 <read_super+124> 	47ff041f  nop        
0000000000001168 <read_super+128> 	47ff041f  nop        
000000000000116c <read_super+12c> 	47ff041f  nop        
0000000000001170 <read_super+130> 	a0290000  ldl        t0,0(s0)
0000000000001174 <read_super+134> 	483f9621  zapnot     t0,0xfc,t0
0000000000001178 <read_super+138> 	b0290000  stl        t0,0(s0)
000000000000117c <read_super+13c> 	47ff0409  clr        s0
0000000000001180 <read_super+140> 	c3fffff6  br         000000000000115c <read_super+11c>
0000000000001184 <read_super+144> 	47ff041f  nop        
0000000000001188 <read_super+148> 	47ff041f  nop        
000000000000118c <read_super+14c> 	47ff041f  nop        
0000000000001190 <read_super+150> 	a75e0000  ldq        ra,0(sp)
0000000000001194 <read_super+154> 	a53e0008  ldq        s0,8(sp)
0000000000001198 <read_super+158> 	a55e0010  ldq        s1,16(sp)
000000000000119c <read_super+15c> 	a57e0018  ldq        s2,24(sp)
00000000000011a0 <read_super+160> 	a59e0020  ldq        s3,32(sp)
00000000000011a4 <read_super+164> 	a5be0028  ldq        s4,40(sp)
00000000000011a8 <read_super+168> 	a5de0030  ldq        s5,48(sp)
00000000000011ac <read_super+16c> 	a5fe0038  ldq        fp,56(sp)
00000000000011b0 <read_super+170> 	43c8141e  addq       sp,0x40,sp
00000000000011b4 <read_super+174> 	6bfa8001  ret        zero,(ra),0x1

Arnaud Installe                                 arnaud.installe@advalvas.be 

Since we have to speak well of the dead, let's knock them while they're alive.
		-- John Sloan

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