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How to boot single?


I have a a 164LX board with RedHat installed (it will become Debian very

I was getting it onto my home network today, and I appear to have left
out the static routes configuration (I did it by hand, but didn't write
the static-routes file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/), which might
be the cause of this problem.

When booting, smbd tries to run, and sits, and sits, and sits, informing
me eventually that the machine name could not be found and that I can
set it (forgive me, I have the machine shut down at the moment) with
something like ServerName (is that an environment variable, boot param,
script, huh?).  I am not really used to RedHat.

So I would like to boot single user and disable smbd so it does not try
to run, and go ahead and configure the rest of the network stuff that I
forgot to do.

When I attempt this:

MILO> boot sda3:vmlinux.gz single

with quotes around single and without, and various other attempts, I
always get a kernel panic when it tries to mount the partitions after
they have been located. 

What am I doing wrong?!?  I have done this on my x86 debian machine
before, but maybe MILO is just a little different.

It is kernel v2.0.30, by the way.

And again, I am planning to put the debian alpha dist on there, and I
have heard that having a running dist, redhat or otherwise, already on
an alpha makes things easier.

Thanks for any help on this one.

Dan Hugo

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