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Re: mandb not working?

On Thu, 26 Jul 2018, Michael Dietrich wrote:

> did someone else notice, that mandb is not working or is that a
> special on my machine? apropos & whatis get no entry, so i digged
> around and found that mandb gets an error EBADF. is set up strace &
> found the following (out of the middle...):

I'll recompile with db2 support.  This fixed ALOT of problems last time.
There is apparently some hidden OSF stuff in the code too that I'll have
to isolate.

> so the last fcntl is called with a wrong filedescriptor. i stop
> digging here and ask if someone else noticed that. if so and nobody
> else has the time i will look for the bug.

I'll poke around, but my time is very limited right now.  If you find
anything out, please let me know :)


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