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MIATA hardware variation breaks Linux ethernet driver: survey!

Kristoffer.Rose@ens-lyon.fr writes:
 > Dear all,
 >   Abstract: I propose a survey to pinpoint exactly what hardware change in
 >   newer digital MIATAs (PWS 433/500 a/au) it is that breaks the linux
 >   ethernet drivers (tulip and de4x5).
 > [...]
 > ==8<======================================================================
 > Please replace the _s below with information about your MIATA system and
 > send the result to Kristoffer.Rose@ENS=Lyon.FR.

(Small typo here, should be Kristoffer.Rose@ENS-Lyon.FR)

I am not familiar with Ethernet auto-negotiation and things like that,
so I will perhaps say something stupid: 
- Maybe the switch or the hub to which the card is connected is
important, a quick glance at the tulip code seems to indicate it support
both autosensing and autonegotiation. Whether the other side support
or not auto-negotiation may have an influence here. 

Shouldn't information about the other side of the ethernet be included
into the questionnaire?


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