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Re: help with DU Netscape on Linux

On Thu, 7 May 1998, James D. Freels wrote:

> I have installed the shared libraries and netscape per the
> instructions in "How To Run DEC Unix Netscape on Linux/Alpha".  I am
> using v 4.0b of DU and Linux 2.0.33 with binary compatibility enabled
> in the kernel.  I get the following error when attempting to execute
> the netscape binary on Linux (under the current Debian/hamm also):
> etc.

I have it running under 2.1.99 with a patch provided by Richard Henderson.
It seems there is a bit of a "feature" in the Digital Unix libraries,
which Digital Unix ignores and Linux does not.  I don't know if the same
patch will work under 2.0.33 since I haven't been running "stable" kernels
for over six months.  Here's tha patch in people terms:

delete the following two lines from the function do_sigreturn in the file

       if (__get_user(ps, &frame->sc.sc_ps) || ps != 8)
               goto give_sigsegv;

This was about line 287 in the 2.1.99 kernel.  I am running Netscape 4.05 
for Digital Unix.  

Hope this helps,


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