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Re: Quinn diff for i386->alpha

Paul Slootman <paul@wau.mis.ah.nl> writes:

> Does this diff also take into account the stuff that's in Incoming?

No; quinn diff works off Packages files and Incoming doesn't and
couldn't (without changes) have a Packages file.

This is and probably always will be Quinn Diff's biggest weakness, and
there is no trivial solution (that I'm aware of).

> As I've noticed that processing uploads into "frozen" is taking a
> while, and if this diff could take the packages in there into
> account, that would be very nice...

To the best of my knowledge the plan is to allow {m68k,alpha} free
access to frozen, so hopefully our uploads shouldn't require manual
checking by Guy/Brian and once frozen processing starts this situation
will resolve itself.

And believe me, it'll be nice for me too, as there currently are over
130 m68k packages in Incoming waiting processing.

James - still fighting libdb

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