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Re: most web packages built

Silly me, forgot to chage to To: line to point to the list...

>>  Btw did you compile xfree (3.3.2-1) ?
>Yes, but after it said ".. built successfully" it tried "mkdir
>debian/tmp", and that failed, as debian was mode 755 owner root, and I
>was _not_ logged in as root :-(  This was at 00:30 this morning, after
>about 2.5 hours. I'll try again Monday.
>Someone else was also compiling xfree, right? How did that go?

Yes, I was. It needed some hand fixing (xterm wasn't all happy, and
one file in the Xprint extention didn't like optimization), but it's
being turned into packages now. I'll just test it some and then send
it off to master.


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