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Our Alpha is possessed!

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I was trying to get the DAT drive working, when our Alpha started
giving tantrums again. It decided to do bad things to the file
system, and lose some large number of files. Not only that, but
the old kernel, which had been working fine for some time, started
to give oopses during fsck. 

As it is, we've decided to try Netbsd/Alpha on the machine, and have
assigned the task to a coworker (read: I don't have to touch the machine
anymore :). This is a bit of a shot in the dark; we don't really know
what causes all our problems, but we want to try something non-Linux,
even if just to rule out the possibility that it is due to Linux
or Debian.

Alas, this means that I won't be able to assist with compiling
packages for Debian/Alpha. :-(

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