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New netstd package uploaded to master

Hi all...

I just uploaded a new netstd package to master which fixes some issues
that have been brought up to me and to the main maintainer.  Here's the
excerpt from the changelog:

   * Replaced nfsd with new upstream version (2.2beta33) to fix memory leak
     on Alphas (tested and does actually fix the leak, btw)
   * Patched ftpd for Alpha compilation
   * Patched rdate with patch from bug tracking system for proper Alpha

Turns out that the version of the nfs server daemon that was included in
the original netstd-3.02 package wasn't fully ported over to glibc yet and
thus exhibited either a memory leak or race condition (I didn't have time
to test it fully to isolate the problem, but I did find out roughly where
it was).  I substituted a new version of the nfs server daemon into the
package, had it tested, and it seems to solve the problem :)

I found the rdate patch on the Bug Tracking System (courtesy of Miquel van
Smoorenburg) and included that as well so as to kill two birds with one
stone (fixes bug #17890, in case anyone's interested).

If anyone else has any problems with netstd at all, please let me know.
Right now, I'm pretty familiar with the package and would like to resolve
all known issues if possible before moving on to something else....


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