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Re: uploading packages and other things

Loic Prylli <lprylli@graville.fdn.fr> writes:
> I compiled some binary packages for Alpha, is there any procedure to
> follow to upload for this platform? Do I need to inquire first to this
> mailing-list for not critical packages (for instance I have compiled
> ghostview, a2gs, genscript, workbone, gs, xaw3d, ...).

Nope.  Assuming you're already a regular Debian developer, upload away.

> Also is there any precautions to take to compile the package (the only
> thing I am aware is to -mcpu option of egcs)?

Nope, although I am still using gcc-, myself.

> If nobody has begun to package em86, I will try it. I have tried on
> some progs (netscape, xemacs, ghostview), and it runs fine here.

Oh, nifty.  Not that my UDB will probably be good for much---but I
just fire stuff up on an i386 box.

> Finally, I suspect there is a small problem with the egcc package on
> beezer, it conflicts  with libc6.1 which seems an error.

I'll leave Chris to respond to that.

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