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Kernel & PPP woes.

Well, I finally got my UDB reinstalled from scratch, and I documented the
install procedure (including the hack I had to use to get dselect to work off
ftp.us.debian.org via PPP).  The problem is, I can't reproduce the procedure. 

You see, I built my own custom kernel a while back.  I didn't do anything
tricky, but only with that kernel was I able to get PPP and everything else
working -- but with that kernel, my ethernet didn't work.  So, I rebuilt
2.0.33 with the apropriate patches, and 2.1.77, and neither of those works
properly.  With 2.0.33 I can't use PPP (I remember this problem from earlier
-- I can only get PPP working with 2.1 kernels), and I couldn't get 2.1.77 to
boot at all. 

(Furthermore, with all the kernels I could find on the FTP site, my ethernet
won't work.  It's the tulip chipset, and I'm using BNC, and I think that's the
problem.  It looks like the driver tries 10baseT and then AUI, and stops

Anyway, what's the best 2.1-series kernel to use on a Multia these days?  Once
I get this system working as the house router again, I'll upload the install

Doug DeJulio                         | mailto:ddj@aisb.org
Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria | http://www.aisb.org/~ddj/

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