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Re: UDB disk definitely hosed

On 14 Nov 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:

> Oy.  I guess it's a good thing I'm back in circulation somewhat, huh?

Yeah, I guess so :)  I got it running again, but had to reinstall
everything.  I took it home yesterday since I won't have time today or
tonight to work on it.

> OK, this is another one of those, "Mike's machine is wierd" things,
> but I've never had a single problem with cfdisk---and I've partitioned
> no less than four drives with it, and used all of them as system disks
> at one point or another, no less.
> So what's the problem, exactly?

Actually, cfdisk apparently works fine IF you don't want to also run
Digital UNIX on another partition.  From several people I've talked to,
they say that, unless cfdisk supports bsdlabels, then it hoses their DU
partitions, making it impossible to dual boot.  Last time I stared at the
cfdisk code, it didn't include this support.

I would say that, if we were sure that people were gonna dump DU in favour
of Debian on their Alphas, cfdisk would be fine, but that's a mighty big
assumption to make :P  We could always rewrite parts of cfdisk to support
this, though...(not a bad idea, actually).


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