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Re: bash/libreadline, syslog, libg++

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Lars Wirzenius wrote:

> I just wish I knew why it was crashing before and why it
> isn't crashing now. (And I'd like to know why my computer at
> home is crashing, but that's not related to this list.)

You sound like you're having a rough time with dive-bombing computers.
Sorry to hear about these troubles.

> I apologize, I typoed: the problem is that it doesn't
> re-boot correctly. It writes the message that says something
> like "Rebooting, please wait" (not the exact words), and
> then nothing happens. This has happened from time to time
> with other kernels and under Red Hat as well, so it's
> probably not related to Debian.

Agreed.  This actually could be a MILO problem since all "rebooting" is
done under MILO (as I understand it).

> No being able to re-boot except by using the reset button is
> a condition I can live with, at least as long as the system
> is otherwise mostly stable.

Also agreed.

> I haven't investigated it yet (so many problems, so little
> time...), but dpkg tells me:
> 	Package: sysklogd
> 	Version: 1.3-15
> (I can provide a full package listing if someone wants it.
> Ask in private.)

Hmmm...this is the same version of sysklogd that I'm running without
problems on my end.  I doubt that another package is causing a problem
with this.  If you can, try to recompile the package with debugging
symbols and isolate what's wrong.  I'd be happy to fix it, but unless I
can get on the system and recompile the package there with gdb installed,
I don't have a bird's chance on a skeet range of finding out what is
causing this problem :P

> I've been sleeping all day, so at the moment I'm not too
> sure about what the problem was, but I think it was that the
> new version of bash depends on libreadline2g, and
> libreadling2g conflicts with libreadline2, and
> and the old (installed) version of bash depends
> on libreadline2, and since bash is Required (or Essential?),
> dpkg refuses to remove libreadline2 in preference of
> libreadline2g, and thus I can't install the new bash. Or
> something like that.

Oh, ok.  We can get this resolved with a new set of base disks.  We're
currently ironing out who is working on the base disks, so once that's
resolved, I'm sure the disks can be updated to fix this.

> I have ncurses3.4 (version 1.9.9g-5) installed, as it
> happens. ncurses3.0 (1.9.9e-1) as well.

Yeah, I have the same.  I think we've actually eliminated all ncurses3.0
by now (except for ncftp which I need to redo after removing ncurses3.0).

> Since it crashes under Red Hat as well, I doubt it's caused
> by Debian.

That's good news for us here, but bad for you.  If I can think of anything
that might help you diagnose the situation, I'll let you know.


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