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Re: The Debian Alpha maintainers have some inappropriate elitism

On 22 Oct 1997, Terrence Brannon wrote:

> I dont understand why the Debian Alpha maintainers want to act as if
> Alpha users dont exist. We are constantly ignored when asking for
> installation instructions and constantly ignored when making FAQ
> suggestions. 
> They seem to want to talk over our head.

Well, first off, thanks for bringing this up.... :)

Anyway, I can only speak for myself, but I've found everyone on this list
quite friendly and "approachable" when it comes to getting help.  Granted,
installation instructions are tough to come by (mostly because alot of us
did installations when there weren't boot disks available yet), but we're
working on it.

Also, I haven't seen a FAQ on this to begin with, not to mention heard of
any FAQ suggestions.  Maybe it's just me, but where exactly are these
people asking for help?  Maybe one of us should be watching debian-user
since I suspect it's coming up over there....

Honestly, though, I can see how some may say this list is a little
"aloof", but more out of circumstance than intent.  Most of us are
technical people and are overloaded with compiling packages and dealing
with x86 maintainers who act like WE don't exist.  To say the least, it
gets frustrating...

In short, we're all doing this in the spare nanoseconds we have in our
lives, so please have patience with us.

Anyway, I'll toss this out right now...if ANYONE needs help with ANY
issue, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post it to *THIS* list.  If I don't see a
question here, I can't answer it (I don't have time to monitor debian-user
right now).  If I can't answer it myself, I'm sure someone here can.

That's just my feelings on this....


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