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Re: Can't compile a kernel ...

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, Nikhil Nair wrote:

> All fixed ...

Glad to hear it :)

> a) Chris, you gave me a clue: I needed to make /usr/include/{asm,linux}
> symlinks.

Well, Mike and I talked about this in the past and, while neither of us
thought that having a frozen include tree was a bad idea if no kernel
patches were needed, I can see now that we may want to have the symlinks

> b) I had to do a `make config' and just hold down enter to get it to
> remake include/linux/autoconf.h ... I woulnd have thought `make dep' or
> something should do that but ...

Hmmm...interesting....never realised that.

> That allowed me to compile the kernel with alpha-patches.
> I then had a go at Nikita's stuff.  Two changes needed: first reverse the
> patch to include/linux/types.h, then add a patch to drivers/scsi/aic7xxx.c
> (see below).  BTW, no trouble with ide-cd now ...

Yeah, I undid that change as well and, Nikita, you may want to remove that
change from the patches.  I'll remove it from the copy on my site that's
going with util-linux.  More on this in another message...

> I haven't tried running these two new kernels yet ... I'll try the latest
> (from Nikita's patches) on Monday, when I'm physically at the machine.

Keep us posted.  I am now running my newly patched kernel with RTC support
that actually works now :)

Also, Nikita, you may want to change the big diff to include the patch
that Nikhil attached.  I'm sure he's not the only one who's running an
Adaptec chipset for SCSI and, since the new driver doesn't work for us
as is anyway, we might as well have it patched along with the rest of the
stuff that you fixed so that it will work :)


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