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broken packages

If I find problems with packages in
ftp://ftp.debian.org/debian/unstable/binary-alpha/ , should I ask about
them on this mailing list or contact the maintainer directly? Is there a
different maintainer for the Alpha versions? How do I find out who
assembled the Alpha packages?

some problems (details will follow when I find out the appropriate forum):

- more (from fileutils). Either dumps core or puts the terminal into some
  weird mode.

- man-db. Install error while checking languages. I patched this, but now
  "man" complains that "eqn" needs some option like "-Tlatin1" and does not
  seem to save formatted pages.

- ppp. Install error having to do with some "update-rc.d" perl script.

- fvwm2. Some install error, can't remember exactly what.

Also, do I understand correctly that gcc_2.7.2.1-10 fixed the earlier
gcc problems and that I can now turn optimisation on without fear that
it will either coredump or emit buggy code? I looked at some .s output
without optimisation and it was terribly inefficient.

Ian Willmott
Northern Telecom
Ottawa Ontario Canada

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