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Eradicating packages depending on old libs...

It's almost done.

Pasi Pirhonen <upi@gorba.lpt.fi> writes:
> As Michael asked, i did it again, and found following binary packages
> to be outdated or linked again wrong libraries.

I've recompiled (almost) all of these packages.

> admin
> - wg15-locale

Um, this one's in binary-all.  I think it's safe.

> base
> - e2fsprogs_1.06-4 	Linked against libc6 

replaced with e2fsprogs_1.10-2

> - hostname_2.01		Linked against libc6


> - libbfd27_2.7-1		Libs linked against libc6

replaced with libbfd281_2.8.1-1

> - libc6			remove

waiting to be removed

> - libgdbm1_1.7.3-11 	Libs linked against libc6

replaced with libgdbmg1_1.7.3-22

> devel
> - gcc_2.7.2-8		Linked against libc6

replaced with gcc_2.7.2.1-10

> - libc6-dev		remove

waiting to be removed

> - cvs_1.9-1 		Linked against libc6

replaced with cvs_1.9-4

> - rcs_5.7-4 		Linked against libc6


> interpreters
> - cpp_2.7.2-8		linked against libc6

replaced with cpp_2.7.2.1-10

> utils
> - cpio_2.4.2-8		linked agains libc6

replaced with cpio_2.4.2-10

> - sysutils_1.2-1 	linked againstlibc6

replaced with sysutils_1.3-1

Most of these are not going to be in the proper place until Guy Maor
gets back from vacation (Monday, I think), because they require one
bit of magic or another that the automated process isn't aware of.

If you don't have access to master's incoming directory, you can find
a mirror in debian.med.miami.edu:/debian/private/project/Incoming.

Maybe I'll see if he can put a back door in the installer such that we
can have these automatically taken care of in the future.

I now need to recompile sudo, which got linked against libcrypt.so.1
instead of libcrypt.so.1.1, and then we'll be totally libc6.1.  I also
want to recompile libg++, which has a bogus dependency on libc5 at the
moment.  It will then be necessary to recompile groff and a couple of
other things.

This weekend I'll try and take a look at the installation disks.
Pasi, do you have your hacked tools available anywhere I could get to
them, or could you make them available?  I want to try building the
disks on my system, since I have a working reboot and so forth, to see
if I can get something that works from end-to-end.


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