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Re: "State of the art"

On 12 Jun 1997, Michael Alan Dorman wrote:


> I'm sorry I've been so quite lately.  I've been quite busy, a little
> sick, and, until yesterday, unable to find enough space to recompile X
> and other things. :-) That has changed, and I intend to push forward
> again.

--- [CLIP] ---

> I would like it if some people could scan the archive, figuring out
> which packages might still be linked with the old libc6, and either
> recompile them (and _check_ them, too, by hand, just to be sure), or
> post to the list and let someone else do them (which means that you
> can help even if you don't have a working system yet).

I'll do that (again) today and will be more specific about changes and
packages, which are linked against libc6

As i have been telling in this list, the mods for (quite) fully working
dselect based install, isn't so drastic as i thought first time.
Just few critical packages and you are in busness, but still ending
up to use stuff like telnet mentioned before.

> Also, if people could really give packages a workout, and if someone
> could maintain a debian/alpha status page, with a list of known
> issues, like the telnet bug, on the WWW, so we can remember to look at
> these, but reassure people that things are getting better at the same
> time.

Any other volunteers? ;)

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