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Debian Alpha ``install'' works

The installation procedure described by Ian Willmott
(willmott@nortel.ca) a few days ago works!  Here is a log of what I did
to get my Noname AxpPCI-33 system working.

... notes ...


I flashed MILO from RedHat 4.2 into ROM using the Failsafe boot from
floppy jumper to load the initial MILO to do the flash.

disks/               -- contains February 25th 1997 base.tgz
vmlinux.gz           -- taken from the RedHat 4.2 distribution

I extracted base.tgz onto a Zip disk with one partition formatted as
ext2.  I copied vmlinux.gz off of the ext2 format noname.img boot floppy
for RedHat 4.2 and put it on the Zip disk.

At the MILO prompt I did a "boot sdb1:vmlinuz.gz root=/dev/sdb1" and
Debian 1.1 came up to a prompt!

I'm happy, I can go to bed now. :)


I'll move it from the Zip drive to a harddrive next and slowly bootstrap
myself to a useful system.


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