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Re: Status of Debian for Alphas

brannon@bufo.usc.edu (Terrence M. Brannon) writes:
> Well, my Alpha will not boot under OSF/1 anymore because I attempted
> to mount /usr via NFS instead of locally. So I would appreciate any
> method of getting a working Linux up on my AlphaStation 250 4/266.

Unfortunately, I don't even remember the original bootstrapping
methods---it's been six months.  Maybe someone else here could give
you a pointer.

The short answer is that there's a base.tgz file somewhere on
ftp.debian.org.  You need to do a small installation of redhat on
another partition, then initialize what you want to be your debian
partition and untar base.tgz on it.  You now have an eight-month-old
base system.  You can re-use the partition you have redhat on as /usr
or /home or something.

Then you need to start grabbing packages from ftp.debian.org, starting
with libc6.1, and then dpkg, and then everything else.

This is not a foolproof process.  We recommend installing everything
by hand, and only do one thing at a time.  And you might actually want
to keep that redhat partition around in case of emergency.

Hope this helps.


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