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Re: Uploaded dpkg (alpha) to master

Dselect/alpha still dumps core...  Surprise, I thought that was dealt
with long ago.  Well, the patch below solves the problem, although the
code really should be made cleaner with respect to that debug output.

(The patch is for


diff -ur dselect.orig/pkgdepcon.cc dselect/pkgdepcon.cc
--- dselect.orig/pkgdepcon.cc	Thu Apr  3 17:03:45 1997
+++ dselect/pkgdepcon.cc	Thu Apr  3 21:08:04 1997
@@ -32,7 +33,7 @@
 #include "dselect.h"
 #include "pkglist.h"
-static const int depdebug= 1;
+static const int depdebug= 0;
 int packagelist::useavailable(pkginfo *pkg) {
   if (pkg->clientdata &&

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