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Re: Installation problems

Kari Davidsson <d154402@cs.tut.fi> writes:
> I was trying to install debian-alpha. Installing the base system from
> base.tgz was no problem and the system booted fine. But when I tryed to
> install some more packages many of them depended on libc6.1 or depended
> on packes that in turn depended on libc6.1. I was unable to locate
> libc6.1 in the hamm/binary-alpha subtree, I did not check the source
> tree. Is it possible to download somwhere a .deb file with libc6.1?

There were some uploading conflicts because we're maintaining libc for
the alpha separately from libc for the i386 at present.  You can find
a copy at ftp://debian.med.miami.edu/pub/mdorman/ for the moment.  I'm
going to be merging David Engel's libc with mine soon here.

> The latest i found in hamm/binary-alpha was libc6.0, which is the same
> as the one in base.tgz (I think).


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