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Re: ROCm branches and versions (Was: ROCm packaging session memo)

On 2022-01-27 13:15, Étienne Mollier wrote:
 [comgr's] amd-stg-open [branch] is the tip of the public
 part of the development. The version is not entirely clear yet, but would
 likely be whatever ROCm 5.1 becomes, which will surely depend on llvm-14.

That reminds me. I should probably explain what the various branches mean on the public repositories for the ROCm math and communication libraries (rocBLAS, hipBLAS, rocFFT, etc.). On those repositories, you will find a number of standard branches:

Of course, everything is subject to change until a release is actually made. There's no guarantee that changes in develop, staging or master will end up in a particular release.

Other parts of the ROCm stack use different branching schemes. I'm not as familiar with them, unfortunately. I think the process is mostly the same, but the branches may have different names and not all of them are public.

Cory Bloor

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