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Re: rocminfo & rocm-compilersupport & rocm-smi

Sylvestre and the rest of the Debian llvm maintainers do not like the idea
of an llvm-is-llvmN augmenting the package llvm-defaults, nor of an llvm-toolchain-N meta-package :<

Also, rocm-smi-lib is ready for finalization/upload.

BR, Maxime

On 2/15/22 17:18, Maxime Chambonnet wrote:
Do you understand the issue?
It builds fine here.
Is it a lack of symlink in /usr/bin/clang[++]?
There is in BD libclang-14-dev. Is it better with a clang-14 BD?
I contemplate the idea of making llvm packages llvm-is-llvmN,
in the fashion of python-is-python3.

On 2/15/22 17:05, M. Zhou wrote:
rocminfo has been uploaded. comgr FTBFS because cmake cannot find


On Tue, 2022-02-15 at 07:35 +0100, Maxime Chambonnet wrote:
to me,rocminfo is ready, and comgr is
an ITP bug short of ready for upload.

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