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Re: tensorflow_2.3.1-1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental, experimental

On 2022-02-09 13:41 -0500, M. Zhou wrote:
> This is epic. 

Indeed. it's been a long wait. (7 months)

> What's your plan for the next step?

Well firstly work out what changed so the build (or deps, depending on
arch) now fails.

I've actually just about finished tvm packaging so I'll upload that
(and libbacktrace and rang) before dumping brain state and going back
to tensorflow.

My plan there was to move on to tensorflow 2.5.0 (or thereabouts)
because cmake is allegedly properly supported and not having to deal
with bazel and its perverse view of how things should be built would
make things go so much faster.

I don't know if there are issues with that. Certainly a newer tensorflow
would presumably be a good thing?

I guess if the 2.3.1 fix isn't too taxing people would like to have a
working upload of that before version-bumping because then at least we
have _something? Right. I do actually have a 2.3.1 with tflite built
too (which was more-or-less working - there was some annoying issue
with it insisting on downloading something or other IIRC). But of
course even that would be another trip through new.

So I guess I'm taking feedback on the relative usefulness of
1) a 2.3.1 that actually builds
2) a 2.3.1 with tflite too
3) a newer tensorflow version.

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