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Re: Request to join the Deep Learning team

Hi Timo,

Thank you for your interest.
I added you with Owner permission to the Salsa team.

Indeed ROS and Open3D are very close to machine learning
and deep learning packages. The faiss 1.7.2 from git repo
FTBFS due to a test failure. I was stuck there due to lack
of time. Please feel free to go ahead.

Debian AI team inherits Debian science team policy in terms
of git workflow. On the other hand, members of the Debian
Science team and Debian Med team always has the maintainer access
to deep leanring team on salsa.

On Sun, 2022-02-06 at 12:58 +0100, Timo Röhling wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to join the Deep Learning team. Generally because of my
> professional und personal interest in machine learning and robotics,
> and concretely because I'd like to help maintain FAISS, as it is a
> dependency of Open3D.
> Cheers
> Timo

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