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Re: Bug#1004331: pytorch: b-d on python3-all-dev, but not built for all supported Python3 versions

"M. Zhou" <lumin@debian.org> writes:

> PyTorch's setup.py + CMake build system is complicated.
> I'm only building it for a single python version, and
> there is no plan for supporting more than that.
> If we don't separate the entangled setup.py and CMake
> building process, we have to build 2400+ C++ objects
> twice to support two python3 versions.

Understood. This is also the way I do it for src:gudhi, through pain and

> Should anyone be interested in this I'm willing
> to review patch and merge, but I don't recommend doing so.

I'll see if I can find time to look into it, in case the pain from
src:gudhi can simply be duplicated.

Thanks for the clarifications!

 -- Gard

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