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Re: Next ROCm packaging work session?


maxzor, on 2022-01-23:
> Can I sollicitate another jeetsi meeting? I am hoping for the last three
> of us
> participants Cory, Etienne and me, but obviously anyone joining, either
> already
> in the team or not (wink Mo), is very welcome!
> What about same hour as last time, 19h00 UTC+1 next Tuesday (01/25)?

I should be able to make it, not late hopefully.

> Topics could be for example
> - packaging status,
> - testing status,
> - installation feedback (HIP /usr/include, high-level libs...),
> - re-aligning on TODOs,
> - anything you choose :)

Acknowledged, it makes sense to see where we stand regularly.

Have a nice day,  :)
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