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Re: Switzerland and EU (WAS: Rethink about who we (Debian) are in rapid dev cycle of deep learning)

On 14/01/22 12:02, Thomas Goirand wrote:
On 1/13/22 22:07, Davide Prina wrote:
So facial recognition will be illegal for doing workers authentication or for identify clients in your shop or...

Let's say we have facial recognition to enter a data center, is this illegal as well? Will that be also illegal in Switzerland?

Switzerland is an anomaly: it is the state that gain more advantage from the European Single Market but it is not in the European Single Market because each state of the UE have single "contract" with it. I know that EU is trying to invalidate/stop single "contract" and make Switzerland join the European Single Market (I don't know if they have already reach an agreement).

If Switzerland will join the European Single Market then it cannot participate to the formation of new EU laws but it will need to adopt all the new EU laws that European Single Market require. For example privacy laws.

Note: ePrivacy Regulation is not already approved and so it can be changed before approval.

But, for the actual privacy law, the Privacy Italian Board has forbid and fined a public administration that have start to use worker fingerprint as a method of let them enter/exit the society.

If you know Italian can read the following (I have take a random article):


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