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Re: ROCm installation

On 2022-01-12 22:15, M. Zhou wrote:
> If shlibs are installed to somewhere like /usr/lib/rocm/lib/,
> we are still able to tamper with ld.so.conf.
> If binary executables are installed to /usr/lib/rocm/bin/,
> then we are screwing up with the default shell PATH.
> This is a deadend because we are not going to patch all
> POSIX and non-POSIX shell configs. Neither do we introduce weird
> scripts for the user to source.

Not that I'd advocate it, but for some initial version, installation to
/usr/lib/rocm/bin could be worked around by symlinks if changing this
can't be changed easily/quickly.

For example, from Firefox:

     $ readlink -e /usr/bin/firefox-esr


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