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Re: [Pkg-opencl-devel] ROCm RFP

Hi Maxime,

Maxime Chambonnet, on 2021-12-17:
> I will try to join on jitsi on Tuesday around 1:00 AM UTC+1 with some
> feedback!

Thanks for considering joining the meeting!  I see you seem to
be in UTC+0100 time zone, so you might want to be aware that
Cory kindly agreed to publish his availabilities [1] for more
convenient hours if need be.  I personally don't believe I will
make it another time in the middle of our night, but perhaps one 
hour on Tuesday evening (one of 18:00, 19:00 or 20:00 UTC+0100)
might be better suited to us?

[1]: https://calendly.com/cgmb/debian

Have a nice day,  :)
Étienne Mollier <emollier@emlwks999.eu>
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