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TensorFlow Lite Debian Packaging

Hi all,

I've added an experimental branch to Salsa Repo for TensorFlow Lite:

As mentioned in the Wiki below it required a patch to stop the android_library being built as no matter what combination of Bazel build runes I tried, such as requesting a native build, it would attempt to build it.

Also, I added a patch to build the Shared Library similar to how we do it for ArmNN so that it includes the framework and builtin_ops and results in libtensorflow_lite_all.so.

If someone has a package that build-depends on TFLite it would be great if they could try it out and give some feedback as to how it would suit the wider community.

I will soon be attempting to package our TFLite Delegate which depends on it, but I would like the dependency to work for everyone.

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