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Re: Recalling Key Points of the Previous Attempt (was: Re: Regarding the new "Debian User Repository"

On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 11:20 AM Mo Zhou wrote:

> There are a few methods to bump the ISA baseline for a debian package
> for the official archive: (1) patch the code with gcc's fmv feature;
> (2) use the "hardware capabilities" feature of ld.so(8); (3) let the
> user modify debian/rules and rebuild package locally; (4) directly
> bump the ISA baseline for the whole archive; (5) Gentoo-style
> source-based partial Debian distribution.
> Solution (2) will result in very bulky binary packages;

Solution (2) seems like the only option that can be done entirely
within Debian, how bulky are the packages that use this?



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