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Re: Tensorflow embedded script usage

Hi Wookey,

On Tue, 2021-04-27 at 03:01 +0100, Wookey wrote:
> One bit is confusing me, and I presume you wrote it so I'm wondering
> how it is intended to work: there is a debian/embedded.sh script
> which
> unpacks tarballs in debian/embedded dir into external/$foo

I guess you may have contacted the wrong maintainer about this script.
Git blame could tell you that it's some kind of leftover from my old
packaging works (non-bazel-based). I did not purge debian/embedded
and the corresponding directory because in the past:

1. tensorflow requires abseil-cpp to build. However the API/ABI of
abseil-cpp is too volatile to be appropriate for debian packaging.
2. tensorflow (some old version) requires a specific snapshot of eigen3
that is newer than libeigen3-dev provided by debian to build

I don't know if the current bazel-based packaging process is going
to use the two embeded sources -- please remove them if not. I'm
leaving the question to crusoe.

> I'm also a bit confused about the difference between external/ and
> third-party/ dirs. I can't see anything that causes the build to look
> in the 'external' dir. But my understanding of bazel is very weak so
> I
> could easily be confused.

I have no idea about the external/ directory.

> It seems that currently the tensorflow_framework library (target
> //tensorflow:tensorflow_framework ) builds, and so does the c++
> library (target //tensorflow:tensorflow_cc), but the c library does
> not (complains of missing com_github_grpc_grpc despite libgrpc-dev
> and
> libgrpc++-dev being installed).

I'm not sure whether this is related, but I think an empty bazel
BUILD file is not helpful at grabbing solib dependencies:

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