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Testing onednn with the upcoming libsimde-dev 0.7.0


I'm preparing the next release [0] of SIMDe and I'd like to confirm that it introduces no regressions for onednn.

I've uploaded libsimde-dev 0.7.0~rc-2-1 to experimental to facilitate testing.

Would you be okay if I did an upload of onednn to experimental to confirm that the build succeeds on all of the official Debian release architectures?

You are welcome to make the upload yourself, but please do let me know. Adding "( >= 0.7.0~rc-2-)" after the libsimde-dev build-dep should be enough to ensure the newer version is used.

[0] https://github.com/simd-everywhere/simde/issues/610


Michael R. Crusoe

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