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Re: cuda support of src:pytorch

On 12/3/20 4:08 AM, Mo Zhou wrote:
> I reviewed cuDNN's license again, it finally explicitly declared that
> the .h, and .so files are distributable (Chapter 8)
> https://docs.nvidia.com/deeplearning/cudnn/pdf/cuDNN-SLA.pdf

I read it that way, too.

> Should we hurry up, we may still have chance to get a cuda version of
> pytorch into the archive. Anybody willing to lend me a hand on the nccl
> packaging [1]? Currently I'm still working on the unstable->testing
> migration issue of pytorch, and plan to investigate src:nvidia-cudnn
> next.

I would definitely like to help, but I'm currently swamped until the end
of next week, unfortunately.

It would be great to have a version of cuDNN in buster so a standard
installation will work with it.

However, I anticipate that, like the Nvidia driver and CUDA, this will
be backported regularly. Support for the RTX 3000 cards only very
recently in CUDA and cuDNN, and there still appear to be some issues.

So users of these cards (which, until bullseye+1, will probably be quite
a few) will all but certainly have to rely on backports.


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