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Re: plan of deep learning team for next stable release?

Hi Mo,

thanks for your email.

> I've just uploaded pytorch 1.7.0-2 to unstable, which should compile on

Thanks for your hard work on that, very much appreciated.

> I tried to build src:tensorflow from the master branch of the salsa git
> repository, but it ended up failing due to bazel's complain on some
> unsupported flags. (which does not surprise me at all as I still have
> an impression on bazel's volatile cmdline interface).

I remember there was some connection requests from Tensorflow devs
searching for Debian devs ... did that get any followup from any side? I
haven't seen anything.

> SYCL is not yet upstreamed to the llvm project. So this is not something
> to consider for short term.

Looking at https://www.khronos.org/sycl/ and the part on
	SYCL Implementations
I am not really sure which way one would go? ComputeCpp?

> ROCm gave us a bad impression through its documentations. And I think
> we're out of man power to deal with it.

I have worked to build packages for 3.9 and that did progress, but there
are simply too many packages and not enough man power. Also, I don't see
ROCm in a stage that it can be reasonably used for machine learning with
GPU acceleration (unless through jump through several loops). I am
following the github issues on these topics, and will try to bring the
ROCm stack forward sooner or later, but this is **for**sure** not for
this stable release (unless someone jumps forward and contributes lots
of time and energy and knowledge).

* Julia

I just thought to add Julia here, which is not within debian-ai, but
still somehow related. Here I am planning to ship the latest julia, and
we are currently discussion about shipping two independent julia, one is
julia-latest and one is julia-lts, but I am not sure that this will come
to fruition before the freeze.



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