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Re: netcof

"Sarel J. Botha" wrote:
> [ Can everyone please subscribe to debian-admintool? My To: field is
> looking rather silly :) ]
I am subscribed I think...
> I'm very happy with the parser. Just need to add some error-checking.
> The interface changed a small bit, as it parses demand{} as well now. Check
> net.conf for details.
> parse_file() returns a pointer to a t_netconf which looks like this:
> struct t_netconf {
>   t_provider *demand;
>   t_scheme *schemes;
> }
> So, after tree = parse_file ("blah");
> demand is a pointer to a linked list of "t_provider"s and schemes is a
> pointer to a linked list of "t_schemes". Check parser.h for details.
> I implemented the options as a linked list as well. use getopt() and
> setopt() to manipulate options.
> That's how it currently works. Any suggestions?
I looked a bit at it and for what I see, excellent work. Thanks for the
help with this. 
> Can everyone please play with 'test' and try to make it segfault.
I am quite busy at the university for the next 3 weeks. It's the same
every semester: for 4 months nothing, and all exams in the last 2 weeks.
But after that, I will be happy to work on the first version of our
little project (doing the same as Anthony's current version, but ported
to C++ and using the simple interface for gathering configuration data -
so maybe sometime we can switch to Wichert's configuration management
system). Then we should think about enhancements - support for complex
(source-based) routing tables comes instantly to my mind....

> Known bug:
> If a word is longer than 80 chars it'll segfault.
> How should I handle this? Just produce a warning or return NULL and an
> error string?
I would say that cutting a string could make something bad happen -
return NULL.


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