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Re: rescue

On Thu, 17 Jun 1999, Grzegorz Stelmaszek wrote:
> Hi,
> I was thinking about an application for Debian, that would allow to rescue
> system if it crashes. This should collect information about packages
> installed, store config files for them, and some user-definable
> directories/files. If system crashed, we would be able to 'replicate' old
> system in just few minutes without many hours of boring configuration.
> My question is: is there any program doing it ? Where can i find it ? If
> not i would write it, so send suggestion to me.
> Reagards,
> 	Greg

We (my company and me) are working (and using it for some years) on backup
tool. It is not ready for public release, I think I will need two weeks
for finished it. But there is a big problem, until now the dialogs are in
German. We want to create an international version, but we have no plan
for nice perl localization yet.

	-tar based backup (mainly dat streames)
	-written in perl
	-totally web administraded
	-free configurable backup zones
	-free configurable automatic backups
	-mail notification (backup ready or insert tape message or
	 daily backup announce)
	-CRASH RECOVERY       <----------

At every backup (full and diff) it stores special (configurable)
directories too. If your harddisc crashed, your must install Serverbackup
(that is backup tool I am talking about) on a bare Debian system (yes,
we made Debain packages), start an web browser, choice "Crash Recover"
form main menu, find the tape with newest backup. (look in your backup
announce message) insert it, restore, reboot, system is ok. Then you
can restore the useless "user data".

Dirk Manske, CLIP GmbH

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