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Re: List is quiet again

	What are the purposes of the lists?
	Scripts for easy the administrator's life? X configs based?
	What about discuss LinuxConf, Yast, and other options for Debian dist?
	Thanks,		Paulo Henrique
Quoting Christopher G. Rhodes (Christopher.Rhodes@Colorado.EDU):
> Linux is all over the news, with redhat and caldera
> coming in tops for kudos on usability and 
> configurability.  One notable thing is that I
> don't see a lot about debian in the news.  Lots
> of stuff about Bruce Perens - he's very active.
> Speaking of Bruce Perens, way back I thought he
> said he decided to take control of this list and
> start providing some direction.  Then the list
> went dead again until recently.  Now it is quiet
> again?  What is the agenda?
> CR
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