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Re: new documents

Le Mon, Mar 22, 1999 at 01:31:39PM -0600, Jens B. Jorgensen écrivait:
> Ok, but remember that configuration databases may not exist. They may be an
> LDAP/HTTP servers.

That's not a problem. The config file can specify some 'special' drivers
like explained in Wichert's proposal...

> Still, I regard this stuff as extra baggage, requiring more work on the part
> of the developer to supply the information and more storage space.

But having a configuration system that does not use meta-datas would not
do much more than the actual gnome-config library, so I would'nt see
the need of rewriting it. The only[1] benefit is the possibility to
access to a distributed configuration database.

> I don't think debian-admintool is an appropriate forum since this is a subset
> of debian-admintool but is significant, ie. we should have non-debian folks
> involved in my opinion and they probably won't be interested in other topics
> relating to specifically to debian-admintool.

-admintool is not really a big list with huge amount of mails but I don't
care, we could create a new list...


[1] I said only but it's still a must-have. :)
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