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RE: Linuxconf, COAS, the list archives?

>So I gather there was a discussion about the promises of COAS, Linuxconf, and
>whatever other administration tools were proposed. At least that's what I
>gather form comments made here. But I couldn't find such discussion in the
>debian-admintool list. Could someone point me to the right month(s) or
>summarize the points made?
>The reason why I ask was because I happened to bump into Jacques and he gave
>me a long demo of Linuxconf, and it seems to have a  lot of what we would
>want. He seemed to think we had made our decision for COAS based on some bad
>first impressions. So I was curious to see what actually happened.

 712  10/28 Bruce Perens       COAS white paper draft<<COAS Technical Notes Int
 713  10/29 Platibus           Re: COAS white paper draft<<Bruce, that's great!
 714  10/29 Bruce Perens       Re: COAS white paper draft<<> The code for a mod
 715  10/29 Kai Henningsen     Re: COAS white paper draft<<bruce@pixar.com (Bru
 716  10/29 Manoj Srivastava   Re: COAS white paper draft<<Hi, >>"Kai" == Kai H
 717  10/29 James LewisMoss    Re: COAS white paper draft<<>>>>> On 29 Oct 1997
 718  10/30 Kai Henningsen     Re: COAS white paper draft<<dres@dimensional.com
 719  10/30 Christian Leutlof  Starting point for admintool (was Re: COAS white
 720  10/30 Brian Candler      Re: COAS white paper draft<<> Have you ever trie
 721  10/31 "Richard G. Rober  Re: COAS white paper draft<<On 29 Oct 1997, Jame
 732  11/26 Bruce Perens       COAS (administration tools) early release availa
 733  11/27 Luis Francisco Go  COAS and QT<<Hi, I just read this from the COAS 

Sorry I can't summarize the points, I'm way too busy and it has been months since I read it.

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