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Re: configuration tool

David Frey <david@eos.lugs.ch> writes:

> Just my remarks: I've written a backend (dtxtdb) to store the values
> and to retrieve them; there is no fancy GUI there and I don't indend to
> write one.  The idea was to store the basic value pairs into the database
> for further reading on upgrades.
> At the moment the discussion whether we should develop a new set of
> tools has stopped, since nearly everybody seems to wait for COAS...

But shouldn't we use that to enhance the installation process - our
boot floppies!?

All the important questions could/should be asked before the
installation starts and then the thing runs quitely one/two or more
hours and after that the basic workstation (router, web server or what
else) is functional to some degree. The fine tuning can then be done
with all components installed.

Given the fact that we have a working database we only have to decide
on the things to put in there (the content, the names and the meanings
of the variables). That has to be done for COAS too. Why don't we
start *now*. Perhaps we get the initial working for Debian 2.0.

The naming can be discussed on the coas mailing list, if we feel that
it's necessary.

Perhaps COAS gets to big to be useful for the installation process so
we must work the first step on our self nevertheless ...


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