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Re: help: intro

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Platibus wrote:

> What I have not found so far is what this tool is actually supposed to
> do. I imagine it should help coordinate development of the Debian
> system, i.e. provide some process guidance of sorts, but I could be
> completely off. Is there an archive of messages anywhere, or can anyone
> please fill me in?

As far as I can understand, it is supposed to both configure
the system during startup, and to allow easy integration of
software packages with the underlying system setup.
Additionally, it is supposed to provide an integrated method
for the system administrator, or others, to change the
system configuration.

According to the debian mailing list response, when you
first subscribe, you are supposed to be able to get an
archive of all the traffic on a group, I think, but I asked
for it and it didn't give me any.  I have this group from 3
april 97 with approx 706 messages that I can put on my
webpage as a file you can drop in your mail/ directory if
you can't get the archive thing to work.

Unfortunately, I know little about unix administration.  I
just found out the other day you can telnet to the smtp port
and write a message from there!  So I'm probably not the one
to be cluing you in as to how things should be happening
around here.

As far as I understood the last bit of stuff on this list
that I saw, towards the beginning of the summer, there was
going to be a whole coordinated system of template files
that someone was going to create, for the purpose of
building configuration files, with additional programs
built in awk (or mawk or gawk or something) to parse config
files to extract user inserted data, and a central database
to hold system variables.  And that is just the beginning!

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