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[sramacher@debian.org: Re: Bug#975589: transition: gnat-10]


The transition to gnat-10 is now completed.

By the way, here is a message by the release team member who has
managed this transition.

As far as I can tell,
  gnat (>= 10), gnat (<< 11),
could very well replace
  gnat, gnat-10,
in the Ada Policy for libraries if this is more practical for the
release team.

What do you think?

----- Forwarded message from Sebastian Ramacher <sramacher@debian.org> -----

I've added hints so that gnat and the reverse dependencies are able to
migrate. Note though, that the unversioned gnat dependency in the
reverse dependencies causes issues. britney has hard time to detect that
the whole stack has to migrate at once. Consequently, gnat caused
autopkgtest failures in all its reverse depedencies - the tests were
tried with the builds for gnat 10 but with gnat 9 from testing.

For the future, please ensure with appropriate dependencies that this
does not happen again. I think gnat (>= X), gnat (<< X+1) (similarly to
what's done for Python packages) would be enough to help britney and
the autopkgtests.

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