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version control systems


With Debian10 released, a new development cycle begins for Ada
packages in Debian.

Most packages make their packaging public via the Monotone Version
Control System instance running on the Debian-France server.  The
Monotone tool is undermaintained in Debian, and no more available in
the stable distribution. A migration seems necessary.

The Debian infrastructure provides git hosting on salsa.debian.org.  I
suggest that remaining packages move from Monotone/www.ada-france.org
to git/salsa.debian.org.

https://wiki.debian.org/GitPackagingSurvey shows that no consensus
exists yet about a one-size-fits-all workflow, or even branch
structure. I suggest
* the "unapplied" branch structure, because it is flexible and
  promising competitors are not mature enough for now.
* upstream tarballs, because Ada upstreams often feel more responsible
  for consistent tarballs than for git tags or releases.

For branch names, I see no reason to diverge from the well-thought
recommendations at https://dep-team.pages.debian.net/deps/dep14.

Any idea is welcome.

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