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Re: Aflex and Ayacc debian packages

> I've made several improvements on Aflex and Ayacc and I've also
> created a Debian package for Aflex.
> https://github.com/Ada-France/ayacc
> https://github.com/Ada-France/aflex
> Are you interested in having Debian packages for these two tools?

If you feel that these tools should be easy to install and use by
everyone from the standard Debian/Ubuntu archives, and volunteer for
the needed work, the package will most probably find a sponsor,
assuming trivial conditions like a compliant license of course.

Maintaining a package is quite different a task than being the
upstream author. For example, maintaining a package like aflex is way
much less work than maintaining a shared library with a comparable
code source.  Please take a quick look at

> For the aflex tool, the debian/* files are part of the aflex repository.
> May be this is not a good idea.  Let me know.

I would suggest distinct branches, in order to reflect the different
roles, bu this is a matter of taste and convenience.

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