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Re: ? What libs for ssl and or tls (or other secuty libs) is allowed to be added in a ada library for Debian?


  Many libs was removed in Debian because the use of ssl (eg libgnatcoll-postgresql, etc).
  I'm planning create an Ada App and use ssl or similar in it;
  I need guidance on what is actually allowed in terms of ssl or similar in Debian now.

 Really(!!) Thanks in Advance! :-)

 []'s Dani.

2018-01-09 14:12 GMT-02:00 Nicolas Boulenguez <nicolas@debian.org>:
>   I'm curious about which Security Libraries are allowed in Ada libraries
> from now in Debian.
>   eg.: ssl , tls etc :-)


In Debian, the only Ada library using ssl or tls is libaws.
The distributed binary is linked with gnutls, but a command-line Make
assignment should be sufficient to rebuild the package against ssl.

What do you intend to do exactly?

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  []'s Dani:-)

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