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Re: adacontrol ftbfs on sparc64 and ppc64?

On 21.05.2016 10:36, Nicolas Boulenguez wrote:
On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 01:13:34PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
Any idea what is causing these issues?


Gprbuild and other packages have been affected by similar issues.
As you can see in the two ppc64el logs, a new attempt with
XMLAda/4.5.2015-7 instead of -6 automagically fixes the problem.

I am reluctant to ask for manual intervention of the wanna-build team,
as the issue may disappear by itself, and I am not sure that it would
be sufficient. I am unable to test because there is no sparc64
porterbox and the apt cache is out of date on the ppc64 porterbox.

I do not fully understand the problem, but here is my guess.

As ALI files refer to each other recursively, a problem in XMLAda may
explain a message about libasis-dev when building adacontrol.  In
XMLAda, sources modified after last debian/changelog entry, by
debian/patches for example, are forced to the changelog date in order
to ensure that ALI files contain deterministic
timestamps. Unfortunately, when preparing 4.5.2015-6, I have
reconstructed the upstream tarball from a VCS, making all sources more
recent than debian/changelog.  XMLAda/4.5.2015-7 happens to fix the
problem simply because its debian/changelog is more recent.

so for the ppc64el build on Ubuntu I had to re-upload asis, and that failed too, had to re-upload libgnatcoll.

If the timestamp is derived from the changelog, then it probably doesn't make sense to ask buildd admins, but just do a no-change upload of the offending package? At least that seemed to help here.


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